Our Insurance Offerings

Everett & Sons Insurance Agency Inc. is happy to provide you with a variety of insurance offerings. Our products carry the mark of reliability that has been a founding principle in our agency.

Automobile Insurance

Everett & Sons Insurance Agency Inc. offers comprehensive Auto Insurance Plans. There may be discounts available during the time you purchase. For more information about this insurance product, please call 781-893-0885.

Home Owner’s Insurance

For every homeowner, Everett & Sons Insurance Agency Inc. has a customizable coverage. There are also Condo and Renters Insurance available.

Life Insurance

Our insurance plans will be the best investment you’ll make every year. We offer Affordable Term Insurance, Whole Life, Universal, and Renewable Term.

Business Insurance

At Everett & Sons Insurance Agency Inc., we understand what businessmen need to protect their company, their assets, their employees and their customers. We will soon be offering comprehensive Business Insurances online. Please call us at 781-893-0885 to make an advanced inquiry.